Monday, July 30, 2012

Speaking of Photo Books....

I thought I would share my latest project.  I wanted to get an ABC book for Jayden.  A simple one that says "A is for ___." 

Then the creative side of me decided to kick it up a notch and personalize it using Picaboo (a Photo Book site).  I am taking pictures of Jayden and other family members for the book.  I'm stuck on some letters (C, J, L, Q).  I'll have to browse all of my pictures from the last 2 years to figure out the challenging letters. 

Here are some pages that are completed:

This is a simple project that teaches ABC's and one
that your little one will certainly love.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Why go Digital [scrapbooking]??

I remember in the 90's when scrapbooking became a hit.  There were multiple trips to MJDesigns and Ben Franklin (remember those stores?) for supplies.  I was hooked. 

My mom and I did 2 major scrapbooking projects.  The first was a scrapbook for our old neighbors in West Virginia, Tom and Edith.  They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. It turned out great.  Our second major scrapbooking project was a scrapbook for my sister.  It was a high school graduation present for her.  It was a big hit. 

Fast forward about 15 years.  No projects in between.  But why?  Because there i was NOT going to lug all of the equipment from place to place through 17 moves (see previous post).  When I was pregnant with Jayden, I started a scrapbook.  My friend, Ginger, and I scrapbooked all day one Saturday.  That's about 6 hours of scrapbooking and all I had to show for it was a page and a half.  what?! how?!  I realized right then and there that scrapbooking was far too time consuming for me. 

And then I discovered digital scrapbooking.  For someone who is obsessed with pictures and crafts it was LIFE CHANGING.  So far I have made 10 books.  Here are pictures of a couple books:

Here are my top 5 reasons why I prefer digital scrapbooking vs. traditional paper scrapbooking:

5. If it ever gets damaged and you need another one, it is always available.
4. You don't have to print out pictures.
3. You can be creative with limited space.
2. They store nicely on a book shelf.
1. NO MESS TO CLEAN UP!!!  <---that is HUGE for me.

Don't know where to start?  Here are some sites to help get you started:  Shutterfly is a great place to start digital scrapbooking.  If you are limited for time this site can pretty much build the book for you. This site offers FREE kits to download.  If you want to really get into digital scrapbooking and don't have the digital supplies, go here. 

And last but not least, my favorite digital scrapbooking site, This site is amazing.  There are reviews on most digital scrapbooking sites/programs out there.  The reviews include a chart to summarize the features which I find to be extremely helpful.  More importantly this is the site to go to for all of the current deals!!  It is always up to date.  I promise if you go to this site you will NEVER EVER pay full price for a photo book! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jayden's birthday hat

I managed to get a couple pictures of Jayden in his birthday hat.  I could not get the hat on with the elastic around his face so I had to sneak up and place the hat on his head and hope to goodness that it balanced enough for me to snap some pictures.  I can't believe it worked!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jayden's birthday hat tradition (with a quick how-to)

My sweet boy is turning 2 tomorrow.  *sniffles*

Last year I made him a birthday hat and I decided to make that a birthday tradition.  Now I'm not saying that I'll be making Elmo hats when Jayden is in high school but until he complains or utters 'ughhh Mom' I will continue to make them and gently force them on his head. Hehe.  Hey, this is hard work darn it.


 -poster board or card stock (i used a file folder)
-birthday hat template (i used this one:
-poofy fuzz balls (the package says 'pom-pom')
-iron on number 2
-hot glue gun
-elastic string

Here is the fabric with the number 2

 Cut out the template and trace it on the file folder.

The cut out hat from the file folder

Press on the number 2.
  The instructions say to iron it
on as well but I skipped that
 step (the iron is already packed)

Spray the back
 of the fabric and the cardboard.

Place the fabric on the cardboard
and fold over the edges.

This is the inside of the hat.
Staple the edges down.

Roll it up and staple it in the back.

Almost done...

Using a hot glue gun, glue the fuzzy balls in place.
NOTE: If you are alternating colors, start in the front 
just in case your pattern doesn't match up at the end.
This hat has 2 red balls next to each other on the back
but if I didn't tell ya, you wouldn't even notice. ;)

Glue on a big fuzzy ball at the top.

Add some elastic string and it's DONE!

I will post some pictures tomorrow with Jayden wearing it.


"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music". - Aldous Huxley

As I was jamming in my car on the way to work (that was me in the grey sonata rocking out) my thoughts wandered to music and it’s importance. 
Growing up, music was always playing in our house.  Whether it be oldies blaring while we cleaned the house or listening to classic rock hanging out on a Saturday night. Those moments shaped and molded my taste in music.  That is why I may be one of the only 30-somethings (ewww I’m in my 30’s) that is excited to see Steve Miller Band in Concert.  My parents listened to Classic Rock for the most part and these days I mostly listen to rock.   I see Jayden (my 2 year old) dancing to Fresh Beat Band and I’m thrilled to teach him about music.   I hope he learns to appreciate the old, the new and whatever music the future may bring. 
With that said, there are certain albums that Jayden WILL know. 

He will know this album:
Simon and Garfunkel: The Concert in Central Park
I have listened to this vinyl several times.  Of course my dad, being a talker that he is,  always narrated and told us stories during this album.  =]

And this one:
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade
This is by far my FAVORITE album of all time.

This one too:
Bright Eyes: The People's Key
Shaun and I saw this band in concert twice.
  The 2nd time was right when this album was released.
 Amazing album.  Amazing band. 

What albums will you share with your children?

Monday, July 16, 2012

my 17th move since 1999

Move #17 here I come!!  Yes, 17 moves since 1999.  That averages out to 1.3 moves a year (yep I busted out the calculator for that).  Shaun and I have been together for 3 1/2 years and this is our 5th move.  Poor guy.  Now that I think about it, POOR MOM AND DAD! They are always moving me and helping me pack.

Wanna know what makes this move extra awesome (yes that's sarcasm)??  We have to be out on July 26th!  That's 9 days.  And the more exciting part is that this will involve 2 moves.  The first move being the move from our house to my parents.  THEN a week later moving from my parents house to our new place....wherever that shall be.

We started the packing process yesterday.  Let me tell you my Mom is a PRO at packing.  THANK YOU MOM!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My full plate

With all of the billion things on my plate right now you may wonder "why in the world would she add blogging to the plate?" You're right. The plate is pretty full but I made room. I rearranged. Not to mention that I upgraded to a platter (shhh don't tell anyone). So yes now there is a teeny tiny bit of time that I can dedicate to a blog. If I'm spending x amount of time on a project then I can spend just 10 minutes more and blog about.

I would like to thank Ginger Walls at for getting me motivated to blog. Ginger, I love your blog. Y'all need to visit it sometime.