Saturday, March 7, 2015

Why Run?

Why do I run?

Running isn't just exercise for me.  It's personal.

I run for my son, Jayden. I run to show him a healthy lifestyle. I run to show him what the human body is capable of.  I run to show him my strength.

I run for my parents.  I run to thank them for giving me life.

I run for my Nunno.  I run to honor him and what he did for our family. I run to continue on an active lifestyle that he lived.  

I run for my sister, Heidi and others who suffer from movement disorders.  I vow to not take my ability to move as I wish for granted.  

I run for my boyfriend, Nate.  I run because of his never-ending support and encouragement.  

I run for my sanity.  Running is my shrink.  Instead of unloading frustrations to a counselor, I unload mine on the pavement.  My sometimes bruised and shattered soul gets pieced back together stride by stride. 

I run because I'm pretty good at it.  Endurance has always been my strength.  If I have this god-given ability, then why in the world would I waste it? 

I run even harder for the haters.  The people who dislike me because of my beliefs.  The people who can't be happy for me because misery loves company.  The ex who only cares about himself and is failing miserably as a father.  The previous employers who are too money hungry to realize that quality does trump quantity.  The hatred and judgment is fuel for my fire.

I can't control everything in life.  I can't control who likes me.  I can't control others blurred perceptions of who I am.  I can't control unexpected health problems.  But when I'm running, I AM in control.  It's me versus the world and you better believe I'm winning that battle.