Thursday, December 13, 2012

BENGAY Zero Degrees Product Review

My First Product Review: BENGAY Zero Degrees

I would like to thank BENGAY for sending me their product to review.  I appreciate the opportunity. =]

I thought the best way to review this product was to use it after an activity I know would make me sore and achy...MOVING! 

My husband and I moved over the course of 2 weekends and it was very last minute so we couldn't arrange for any help.
That meant that him and I had to do the moving ourselves.
So you better believe I was sore!

Here is a picture of the product. 

It comes in a plastic resealable bag.
 As you can see it looks like a stick of deodorant. 

It says that the product may be stored in
the freezer so that's what I did.

I have used pain relieving products for years so for me evaluation is based on smell, ease of application, greasiness (and will it stain clothing), and of course pain relief.

Smell:  it does have the typical BENGAY smell but it isn't as strong.  The smell fades over time.
Overall the smell would not deter me from buying the product. 

Ease of application:  this product is very easy to apply.  I applied it to my hips and to the back of my neck and I had no problem covering the area well.  BONUS: no more messy hands!

Greasiness (and will it stain clothing):  No and no.  I checked all articles of clothing and absolutely no stains! Impressive!

Pain relief: Yes! Fantastic pain relief!  I will warn you that the initial shock of the ice cold gel (since it came straight from the freezer) will make you jump but it's worth it.  It's instant relief and last for hours. 

Would I recommend this product?

It's now available in stores nationwide. 

Visit for more information.