Monday, October 1, 2012

Do my high triglycerides make my butt look big?

mmmmmm YUMMY

Before I switched jobs I decided to take a couple days off so I could take care of doctor appointments.  Apparently when you’re over 30 doctors start to get concerned about cholesterol so that was included in my blood work.  I received the call yesterday that my triglycerides were 306!

This chart from the Mayo Clinic shows what you should aim for:

(U.S. and some other countries)
(Canada and most of Europe)

Below 150 mg/dL
Below 1.7 mmol/L
150-199 mg/dL
1.7-2.2 mmol/L
Borderline high
200-499 mg/dL
2.3-5.6 mmol/L
500 mg/dL and above
Above 5.6 mmol/L and above
Very high

At least I’m not in the very high category, right? J

My first reaction to this was ‘wait maybe I had a burger or steak right before that.’  Nope.  All I had for the 12 hours prior was a grande skinny caramel latte from Starbucks.  Damn. 

I get my blood checked again in 4 months so let’s see if I can bring it down into the healthy range!  My plan is to do diet and exercise.  I would love to take a pill and have it magically go down but the medicines out there have so many potential side effects. Chronic diarrhea and liver problems?! No thank you!

All of this made me realize that certain events and findings remind me that I am, in fact, in my 30’s.  Here’s a little top 5 list:

You know you are in your 30’s when….

5 - Cholesterol checks/screenings become a regular part of your blood work (and you do NOT pass).

4 – You have to explain the meaning behind this to someone in their early 20’s: 
3 - You like a shirt so much that you buy it in all colors and patterns available.  What happened to my sense of fashion? Oh yes, I remember.  I traded it for comfort.

2 – The first thing you do when you get home from work is change into pajamas.  I want to LIVE in my pajamas/lounge clothes.  Even jeans are uncomfortable.  Hell, anything WITHOUT an elastic waist is uncomfortable.

And finally…

1 – A staple item in your living and/or bedroom is a heating pad!  I’m just a step away from the retirement home and Costco-sized tubs of ben-gay. 

I didn’t get aches and pains in my 20’s.  I’m achy and sore from working at a desk and starring at a computer screen all day which leads to not wanting to exercise (especially once I’m in comfy clothes – see above) which then leads me to failing a cholesterol screening.  Ahhh this is a vicious cycle!