Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pinterest Pins Put into Action!

Pinterest, where have you been my whole life? 

What was life before pinterest?  I'll tell you.  Mine was unorganized chaos.  Now it's organized chaos.  Now I have a place to organize my prospective craft projects, design my dream home, drool over dessert recipes that I hope to make, and find pretty jewelry and outfits that I want.

I must confess that I found it difficult to control my pinning of craft ideas.  It was craft overload! 

I made a goal to only pin craft and DIY ideas that I would realistically make so I thought I would share some of my pins that I put into action. =]

Here is a cool 3D hand outline I created....

and here is the pin:

Source: choualbox.com via Dana on Pinterest

Here is a cool soap pump idea:

and here is the pin:

Here is a small stand for the kitchen sink:
The soap pump is a store bought hand soap.
I took off the label and added a letter J sticker and some decorative string.
(this requires Goo Gone)

and here is the pin:

Source: natalme.com via Dana on Pinterest

Here is a decorative tray:

and here is the pin:

Here's a cute day by day dry-erase board:

and here's the pin:

Here are boot inserts made from a pool noodle:

here is the pin:

Now get on Pinterest and PIN PIN PIN!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A fun and SIMPLE non-traditional wreath

I have been in search of wreath ideas on Pinterest for a while now with no luck.

 Sure, there are plenty but none are my style.

I wanted something very simple with neutral colors. I also didn't want anything too large. Small and simple but with a personal twist (which I'm sure my husband greatly appreciates).

I browsed through my craft supply assortment and came across thick twine and a plain square unfinished frame. Then I bought a letter J from Walmart.

I wrapped the twine around the frame.

Then I added the letter J (which I lightly spray painted white).  I also added flowers that I purchased from Michaels.   I used the adhesive below to glue the letter J and the flowers. 

And here is the finished product!

It's small and simple and does not cover the ever-so-important peep hole. =]