Sunday, February 8, 2015

Are you familiar with Italian Attitude?

 No we don't.

Do you know a feisty Italian? Have you experienced this? It's ATTITUDE.  My Nunnie (my Italian grandmother) defined this.  I love my Nunnie with all my heart but dear God, she was sassy.  She pulled it off well.  She didn't put up with shit but she was classy and graceful.  

I did not inherit this trait.  In all honesty, I wish I had.  I'm over-emotional and super sappy.  Sounds lovely except for this particular breed of folk puts up with way too much.  I forgive easily and give too much.  But that's just who I am.  

My sister, however, DID inherit the feisty Italian trait.  Lord did she ever.  Along with a sailors mouth to go with it which I quickly picked up on (and THIS is why I was cussing in preschool, mom).  Currently, Heidi is not able to walk without a walker.  Of course it bums me out to see my sister having to use a walker but let me tell you, she's hauling ass with that thing.  Before Nate and I moved into our new home, I was living in Heidi's basement.  One night we were watching TV in the basement and Nate pointed out something.  We could hear walking from upstairs (as we always could) and he said to me "even though she's using a walker now, she's really getting around".  She does.  She has made the best of the situation and has gotten comfortable with using a walker.  

My mom usually takes Heidi to the grocery store but on Friday I joined them along with Jayden.  I was surprised to see how well she did using a grocery cart.  She leaves the walker in the car and uses the grocery cart for support.  I walked beside her or behind just in case she slipped.  When she had to make a sharp turn and the cart was more full of stuff I asked her if she needed help.  Nope.  She didn't need my help.  She's not steady but her innate stubbornness and her feisty Italian attitude keeps her strong.  Mentally AND physically. It's admirable and it makes me proud to be her sister.

And there's never a shortage of snarky comments.  "They're always trying to sell you more" she says to me as the deli boy asked if we are sure 1/2 lb of provolone is all we need.  LOL.  Keep the snarky comments coming, sis.  :)


(okay okay I have a TEENY bit of this in me)

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